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Safety Signs - Reduce Risk and Reinforce Safety Training

Safety signs are a necessary and required component for warning and communicating messages or notices to your employees, guests, visitors, subcontractors and temporary workers.

 In order to provide a clear and concise message, the sign must meet a variety of requirements and standards. Selecting and placing a safety sign for your premises or site is more than a workplace requirement, but an opportunity to prevent costly accidents or dangerous hazards for individuals within your facility.

 Health and safety professionals know that it’s critical to effectively communicate safety. Safety signs, labels, tags and markings play a key role in achieving this objective, they are the visual tools you use to:

  • Remind people of potential hazards and how to avoid them
  • Point people to the location of emergency equipment
  • Direct people’s path to safety in an emergency situation
  • Reinforce safety training programs
  • Inform people of security and limited access policies
 Your safety sign system is a direct reflection of your company’s safety culture. Taken together, your sign system visually demonstrates your care and concern for the health and safety of the people in your premises or on your site.