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Class 2.2 - Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gases - 30072

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This Class 2.2 Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gases Hazard Warning Sign/Placard is used to warn of potentially hazardous materials in transit. Non-Flammable, Non Toxic Compressed Gas Diamonds are for compressed substances which are non-flammable, non-toxic, and likely to cause frostbite or asphyxiation (e.g. CO2, Helium, Nitrogen) or oxidisers (e.g oxygen). Containments may explode when heated.

If the warning diamond is being posted on a background which does not provide a contrasting colour with the sign, for example a green diamond on a green background, the dotted boundary alternative must be used - ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) applicable from January 2011).

Please select a sign size which complies with the minimum sign dimensions required for the intended application.

Shows the Gas Cylinder symbol.

Colours: black or white symbol and text on green background.

Durable, Safe and Visible with compliant text and symbols.

Complies with ADR, RID, IATA, ICAO and IMDG requirements.