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General Information about Safety Sign Regulations

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 7010 prescribes the shape, colour and graphical symbol required on safety signs. New common symbols (or pictograms) were introduced and tested throughout all European countries to ensure the symbols are easily understood and recognised across the EU. More about EN7010

In Ireland, The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 (Chapter 1 of Part 7: Safety Signs at Places of Work) apply to safety signs.

Safety signs must be used whenever a hazard or danger cannot be avoided adequately or reduced in another way. Before installing safety signs an employer should examine whether the hazard can be avoided or reduced by collective precautions (precautions that protect everybody) or safer ways of doing the work.

A signboard is a sign that provides information or instruction using a combination of shape, colour and symbols but excludes information in writing.

Safety signboards should not contain text. This is because the symbols or pictograms on a signboard are intended to be understood, independently of the language ability of the worker viewing it.

Safety signboards put in place after 1st November 2007 should not contain text. Text may be included on a supplementary signboard provided that it does not adversely affect the effectiveness of the safety signboard.

A supplementary signboard (often with text) is used to give clarity to a signboard. A signboard and supplementary signboard can be located on one "carrier". A carrier could be a single sheet of metal, pvc, correx, vinyl or other material as might be appropriate to a location.

Employers must provide information to employees on the meaning and requirements of any signs used in the workplace, especially where text on supplementary signboards is used.

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport maintains a comprehensive guide called the Traffic Signs Manual. Chapter 8 of this guide is called Temporary Traffic Measures and Signs for Roadworks. This is commonly referred to as Chapter 8 guidelines and includes information and specifications for the roadworks signs and supplementary plates that are required for temporary traffic works and management.

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