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Multipack AMP45 - Farm Max

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Original price €74.35
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Original price €74.35
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Current price €65.00
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  • Buy these Signs together as a Pack and SAVE up to 20% over individual Product prices.

    Designed to meet the latest Safety Sign Design Standards, these safety signs are durable, Safe and Visible with compliant text and symbols.

    The Correx Multipack is ideal for short to medium term use. If you need increased durability, this pack is also available in Composite Material which is suitable for long term uses. The Composite Multipack is available at up to 20% off.

  • Farm Safety Notice Correx / Composite
    AGR-32052-23-NT 400mm x 600mm
    First Aid Correx / Composite
    SAF-20207-23-HK 200mm x 300mm
    Medicine Store Correx / Composite
    WRN-22412-23-HK 200mm x 300mm
    Chemical Store Correx / Composite
    WRN-22238-23-HK 200mm x 300mm
    Bait Point Correx / Composite
    WRN-22303-31-KE (X2) 300mm x 100mm
    Use Foot Bath Correx / Composite
    MAN-16354-23-HK 200mm x 300mm
    Deep Slurry Correx / Composite
    WRN-22732-34-KN 300mm x 400mm
    Occupier Liability Correx / Composite
    SEC-44044-23-NT 400mm x 600mm
    Private Property Correx / Composite
    PRO-18459-23-HK 200mm x 300mm
    Quality Assurance Correx / Composite
    AGR-32003-32-TN 600mm x 400mm
    Livestock Dangerous Correx / Composite
    WRN-22739-34-KN 300mm x 400mm
    Farm Machinery Correx / Composite
    WRN-22287-31-TH 600mm x 200mm
Signs Material: Correx