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Multipack KMP33 - Catering Cold Storage

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Signs Material
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  • Buy these Signs together as a Pack and SAVE up to 40% over individual Product prices.

    Ideal for Fridges, Freezers & Food Storage Areas.

    Designed to meet the latest Safety Sign Design Standards, these safety signs are durable, Safe and Visible with compliant text and symbols.

    All safety signs are on self adhesive vinyl for easy application to doors, fridges, tiles and most kitchen surfaces. These signs can be easily wiped cleaned using a soft damp cloth.

  • Hygiene Notice Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16588-23-HK-SAV 200mm x 300mm
    CCP Deep Freezer Instructions Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42066-23-HK-SAV 200mm x 300mm
    CCP Refrigerator Instructions Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42031-23-HK-SAV 200mm x 300mm
    Don't Store Raw & Cooked Food Together Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16527-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Wash Your Hands Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16043-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Defrosted Food not to be Refrozen Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16224-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Food must be Covered Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16525-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Raw Meat Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42045-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Fish Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42041-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Cooked Meat Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42043-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Salad & Fruits Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42049-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Vegetables Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42053-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Bakery & Dairy Only Self Adhesive Vinyl
    CTR-42039-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    New Stock Instructions Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16361-23-HK-SAV 200mm x 300mm
    Door must be kept Closed Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16001-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Spillages Cleaned up Immediately Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16362-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm
    Raw Meat below Cooked Meat Self Adhesive Vinyl
    MAN-16492-11-E-SAV 100mm x 100mm